Deep in the world of space, something is amiss. Minerals such as diamonds and helium crystals are scarce and valuable. Extractors run around in space looking for riches, all of which look like large purple gems. Will they succeed? Are you good enough to be a Stellar Extractor? Do you care?

Get Stellar Extractor

Stellar Extractor is available at my itch page for all but the shadiest of characters. Last updated 2011-11-26: Added training mode, high score boards and fixed a few bugs.

How To Be A Pro Extractor

Extracting minerals from derelict space stations and such is a challenging task. Full information is in the README.txt but I'll put a quick space-primer here.

  • Arrow keys: Move the spaceman around.
  • Z + Arrow keys: Perform a super space-kick.
  • Hold Z for 8 seconds: Self destruct.
  • Escape: In game menu for those who like to give up.
  • F10: Rage quit.


How do I get the game to work?

If the game doesn't work, please look at the README.txt file for contact information.

Can't I just download the game for free?

You could if you were a corrupt individual, yes! You have to tread the line of moral responsibility with caution.

Is a sweet soundtrack available?

If you want to listen to those authentic chiptune beats when you're not extracting, click here!

Is it possible to get every single diamond? Even ones deep in traps or behind walls?

Yes, every diamond is reachable and collectable.

BONUS Material

I had some bonus material planned, but because Stellar Extractor is frustratingly difficult to the point of being almost unplayable, it never garnered much interest and the bonus material never came to be. Here are the notes I had, though the actual content has long been lost or forgotten.

  • GARBAGE POD - A set of levels of single screen levels of the highest confusion and chaos. A garbage pod was ejected without going through the mineral purification process. Can you sort the treasure from the trash? There are a few tiles which are unused in the game, namely a robot generator, which were going to form the basis of a series of repeating circuits for this mission pack.
  • LUNAR CORE - Large mining machines and complex circuitry inhabit this strip mine which is on the verge of collapse. This was a large batch of huge levels with lots of boulders and mining machinery. More fiddly rubbish, in other words.
  • THE JANITOR'S CLOSET - If I got a lot of levels submitted, I was going to make a user mission pack. I did get a few missions submitted (thanks people) but not really enough to make into anything.